Working with projection light mapping specialist Rupert Newman


Broad Bean Events has enlisted the skills of light artist and projection mapping specialist Rupert Newman for numerous events, resulting in awe-inspiring displays. Using a sophisticated new art form, Newman transforms buildings into an ever-changing surface for outstanding video projection.

Sharing our vision of making the extraordinary possible, we have built a strong bond with Rupert Newman and worked with him on several bespoke projects. His work continues to stand at the forefront of his sector, giving our guests a display and experience that imprints firmly on their memory.

Most recently, Rupert worked with us to create a bespoke and spectacular light map for the full exterior of a Boeing 747 for a private client, while we transformed the interior into a full bar and dance area. His incredible displays provide a unique and memorable edge to each event, which remain a talking point for years to come.

View our work with Rupert Newman on our Collections page or visit his website at