Kemble Airfield Wedding

Broad Bean event created a one of kind wedding and dinner reception for private clients, fusing together their love of British tradition and America’s Burning Man Festival.

With the groom’s Gloucestershire garden already a confirmed venue, we were tasked with sourcing an additional site to host the evening event for over 200 guests, ensuring it reflected the hosts’ interests and personalities. Nearby Kemble Airfield with a grounded chrome Boeing 747 available for use immediately presented us with a vast variety of extraordinary creative possibilities.

Broad Bean Events managed the entire production and creative design of the wedding. By working with one of Britain’s top florists and our in-house creative team, we converted the plane fuselage in to a woodland scene complete with moss books, trees, bushes, a smoked draped floor and 1500 tea lights, adding a custom LED light up dance floor, bar and furniture to finish the effect. Light mapping projection on the outside of the plane added to the spectacular feel of the event and location, truly capturing the hedonistic feel of the Burning Man festival.

Our clients and their guests were completely blown away by the end result. Switching from sand stone church to a grey stone house for the drinks reception, then escorting guests by sixties stream buses to the airfield for supper and the evening event aboard the Boeing 747, each person experienced a truly memorable and extraordinary journey from English sophistication to desert madness.