Floral Design with Miranda Fairhurst

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Floral design specialist Miranda Fairhurst and Broad Bean Events share an overriding passion – to transform spaces in to something extraordinary, magnificent and unrecognisable. Having worked closely with her on a wide variety of projects, Fairhurst consistently helps turn dream concepts in to a reality.

Recognised in the industry for her ability to create magical and breath-taking atmospheres, Fairhurst has worked on projects across the globe, bringing her unique take on floral displays to everything she does. From trees to candles to flowers, her concepts and designs create an impact that is simply unforgettable.

We recently worked with Miranda on transforming the interior of a Boeing 747 into a woodland fantasy land for a private client, resulting in a striking display and awe struck guests. It is a continuous honour for Broad Bean Events to be working with such an innovative talent.

View our work with Miranda Fairhurst on our Collections page or visit www.mirandafairhurst.com for more information.

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