Event Planning Vs Production

You can’t have an EXTRAORDINARY event without meticulous planning

Since BroadBean Events (BBE) launched two years ago we have strived to create extraordinary events. The standard of execution is what we are known for, but it’s the planning that gets us there. Without the in depth, one to one discussions with our clients and the open lines of communication we have at the beginning of the process, there would be no enormous aeroplane parked outside the marquee, or circus performers finishing their act right on the last note played. Because we know that without proper planning you can’t even attempt to produce that event, the one that people will be talking about for years to come.

Foremost, what drives us is our determination to pull together extraordinary events that leave a lasting impact on any guest. We take the same bold approach when working with both our clients and partners. We like to push the creative boundaries and realise a shared vision, all the while keeping the process enjoyable and the standard sky high.

oliver blackwell

As our quest to produce incredible events continues we have found ourselves in the enviable position to be partnering up with one of London’s top party organisers – Kasimira. Their event planning experience extends over 10 years and ranges from the enormous to the niche, corporate, private or public. We are extremely excited to be able to combine forces with such an astounding team. We share the same excitement and hunger to create and design outstanding events while breathing new life into the world of planning.

By working with Kasimira, we get to focus on what we do best: event design, production and creativity. Watch the video below of our recent Kasimira/BBE collaboration and watch the transformation from start to finish of a spectacular wedding in Devon:

So how do BBE work with Kasimira?

Once we are approached by our clients we immediately start living and breathing their event. Generally, they have an idea of when and where in mind and we are well poised to deliver their wildest dreams. Beyond the standard aspects such as catering, musicians and guest list, we roll up our sleeves and start putting the design and creative production together, pushing creative boundaries where we can; as far as we’re concerned the bigger the better!

We talk and, most importantly, listen to our client. We then run through our rollerdecks of the UK’s top notch suppliers to see how we can tease out the most adventurous ideas for your event – our favourite so far includes converting a grounded 747 aeroplane into a wedding reception venue! But it doesn’t matter how elaborate your idea is – you need atmosphere to go with it. From lighting up the sky with fireworks, intricate lighting over large buildings, to state of the art Funktion One sound systems and impressive projection mapping visuals, we can make those off the wall, came-to-you-in-a-dream, ideas a reality.

So when it comes to the actual day of the event, our number one priority is precision. We ensure we bring all the creative and logistical aspects together so our clients can simply kick back and watch the party unfold. Together with Kasimira, we manage the suppliers from arrival to pack up and as the backbone of the event we iron out those last minute roadblocks so all the guests arrive to a seamless and most of all unforgettable and exceptional event.

kemble airfield wedding

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