Devon Wedding



It took 7 days to build and many more weeks to prepare with our partners Kasimira Party Organisers, and the end result was this spectacular March wedding set in rural Devon.

We thought long and hard about how to host the 250 guests within this picturesque setting. We wanted laid back yet efficient, luxury yet rural, and most importantly originality and romance.

Arriving from the church, whilst walking to the reception, guests were greeted with a hot shot of ‘Butterfingers’, concocted by our incredibly creative mixologist Sam.  A home brewed spiced cider with buttered Pear, Bourbon and Pedro Ximenez Sherry. The first of many small touches that we believe makes a wedding truly stand out.

It was really important to the bride that, if at all possible, we used the house: Not a problem.  We attached one of our stretch tent to the side of the house over the walled garden. Thereby creating an extension to the house and the adjoining sitting room inside. We built the structure so that the sides of the tent stayed up allowing for the garden hedges to be the natural walls surrounding the guests.

Our gold and silver mirror cocktail and champagne bars made prominent focal points to the rooms. Each one made bespoke for the event and fitting stations for Sam to work more of his cocktail magic. If guests felt like resting their feet they chilled out on our white furniture draped in fur (faux of course) rugs under the warmth of heaters.

Stage two of the night took everyone into the distinctive and impressive yurt adorned with seemingly floating lanterns and trails of hanging wisteria. These orbs of light overhead  created a sense of whimsical romance which was only enhanced as the evening got darker and our lighting design began to take even more of an effect. Outside the tent flambeaux’s and braziers burned into the night and the festoon walkways directed blurry eyed guests home at the end of the evening.


It’s been so lovely coming back and hearing everyone’s stories, I think everyone had a really great time as did we – such good memories. In fact as much as the day itself, I really loved the week leading up to it with you, Anissa, Teddy and Darren who made it so stress free and just an absolute dream! Honestly couldn’t be more grateful to you all, thank you.

E.D. Bride