30th Birthday Party, Belgium

Apart from working on our event productions, part of Broad Bean’s skillset is to offer Hire & Consultancy services. Bass Line Productions is a company we work closely with on many such events. On this occasion, we were asked to assist them with a private client in Belgium providing structures, flooring and boutique camping for a 30th birthday.

Set in the beautiful undulating hills at a Chateau an hour from Brussels we went about brining some colour and flair to the particularly practical elements of the party. Having worked with Bass Line pouring over there plans for lighting shows and elements of the party we suggested and fitted in around there requirements. We were able to use one of our brand new Bright Red stretch tents which looked great against the brick work of the house.

The flexibility the stretch tent offered meant that we could enclose the sides and back in a ‘hedgehog shape whilst allowing a full view of the house from the open front. Also set up around the lake was a selection of our boutique bell tents, providing a stunning setting to wake up to.

Though Broad bean has worked around the world in Europe and the Middle East travel always comes with challenges. When we found that a number of the air mattresses had punctured on the trip over we had to find a solution. After some much needed 3G usage we located a camping shop 30 miles away. A quick visit and some negotiating in our most eclectic French, we managed to procure 56 airbeds and return to finish the rig. We stayed in Belgium for three days before packing up and heading home.

Not only was it a marvellous weekend in a stunning location but it highlighted some elements that we enjoy greatly at Broad Bean, solving problems, completing the job successfully and there is no venue to far away for us.